Prove that you are the best mathematician – solve tasks and win prizes!

Students of the 9th –11th grades from non-capital cities of Russia (except Moscow and St. Petersburg), the CIS and beyond are invited to participate in the contest


  • 1st online round: September 11th – October 31st, 2017;
  • 2nd online round: November 13th–26th, 2017;
  • 3rd offline (final) round in Technopolis GS: December 16th–17th, 2017.

Competition tasks

The assignments are compiled on the basis of the Russian comprehensive school curriculum in mathematics. The first selection round includes eight tasks: three multiple choice tasks and five open ones. The duration of the tasks is 90 minutes (speed is not taken into account). The determining factor for entering the 2nd selection round is the number of correct answers. The 2nd round of the competition includes 8 open tasks ranked by complexity. Duration is 180 minutes. Winners of this stage are invited to do the tasks of the 3rd offline round in the Technopolis GS.


GS Group is a Russian investment and industrial holding company, operating on the basis of its own high technologies in the field of telecommunications and innovation.