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A trip to Technopolis GS

Visit the unique world-class Russian innovation cluster Technopolis GS in Kaliningrad region.

Development prospects

Discover new prospects for obtaining higher technical education in any of the leading universities and build a successful career in the field of high technology.

Technopolis GS is the only private innovation cluster in Russia. It is located in the city of Gusev, Kaliningrad region.

Technopolis GS combines a production zone, research and educational centers, a business incubator, a venture fund and a residential area. The investor and initiator of the project is the holding company GS Group.

Technopolis GS is formed according to the model of a creative city, where the environment for creative self-expression of its residents is developing.

It is the complex development of the Technopolis GS: industrial, technological, scientific and educational, sociocultural and creative – which makes it a city for the people, a thinking city. High-tech industries and creative public space form a complete ecosystem of innovations in the cluster, based on human capital.

The structure of Technopolis GS includes:

Industrial zone

Large-scale production of Russian innovative products.

Residential zone

Low-rise houses and cottages of the European level, cultural and entertainment facilities.

Creative space

A space for self-realization and development of creative people and creative professionals.

Scientific and Research Center

A space for generating new ideas, developing projects by talented specialists.

Educational Center

Training specialists for Technopolis GS.

Business Incubator and Venture Fund

Conditions for creating and growing a young prospective business based on projects of Russian and foreign teams of idea generators.