1st online round


From September 5 to November 14th, 2022

Content of tasks:

The 1st online round of the competition contains 8 tasks:

  • 3 multiple choice questions;
  • 5 open tasks.

The tasks must be completed within 90 minutes. Speed is not taken into account; progress to the 2nd round depends on the number of correct answers.

How to participate?

To enter the 1st round, register on the website and complete the set tasks online from 05 September to 14 November 2022.

The results of the 1st round will be published on 22 November 2022. 1000 participants with the most correct answers will progress to the 2nd round.

2nd online round


From November 24th to December 09 2022

Content of tasks:

The 2nd online round contains 8 open tasks. The tasks are weighted, meaning that as well as the number of correct answers, the complexity of the correctly answered questions will be counted.

The tasks must be solved within 180 minutes.

It can only be performed once.

How to participate?

To take part in the 2nd round, complete the set tasks from 24 November to 09 December 2022 online.

The list of 2nd round finalists will be published on the competition website on 20 December 2022.

Forty participants with the most points and selected by the jury will progress to the 3rd onsite round.

3rd offline round


From January 28th to 29th, 2023


Once the final onsite round is complete, the jury will determine the ten winners who have collected the most points.