To participate

You are in the 9th- 11th grade? You like mathematics and dream of getting a higher technical education in a prestigious university? You live outside the capital cities (Moscow or St. Petersburg)? Then join the IV GS Group International Mathematics Competition! Check your knowledge, get a chance to declare yourself to the whole country and get a dizzying start for your future higher education in one of the leading universities in the country.

Three stages await you:

  • 1st online round: September 11th – October 31st, 2017;
  • 2nd online round: November 13th-26th, 2017;
  • 3rd offline (final) round in the innovative cluster Technopolis GS: December 16th-17th, 2017.

Having made a complicated but fascinating journey of solving mathematical tasks, you will have a chance to win valuable prizes! Students of the 9th – 10th grade who win the competition are awarded with useful and modern technical devices. Winners among eleven-graders will receive personal GS Group scholarships for one year (on the condition of attending a university to major in subjects required by Technopolis GS).

Prove that you are the best mathematician – lay down the foundation of your brilliant future now!

To complete the task